Project Title: Feasibility studies, Final design, Tendering and Supervision of project for Kericho, Kisii, Nyamira and Litein Towns.


Funded by KfW
Program Executive Agency Lake Victoria South Water Service Board (LVSWSB).
Consultant: Consulting Engineers Salzgitter(CES) and Mangat & Patel
Current Status: Feasibility studies ongoing.
Programmed completion date: End Date - December 2017

Programme Background:
The Government of Kenya (GOK) through the Ministry of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (MEWNR) has received a loan from the government of Germany, through KFW Development Bank (KFW) to undertake Water Supply and Sanitation Development (WSDP-LVS) for the town of Kericho, Kisii, Nyamira and if financially viable-Litein.
The program objective is to ensure the provision of sufficient, hygienic, economically viable and affordable water and sanitation services for the population of the selected towns, thus contributing to the overall development of improving the health of urban population by reducing waterborne disease and favoring economic development.
LVSWSB is a state corporation under the Ministry of Environment, Water and Natural Resources responsible for development of water and sanitation infrastructure in the project area .It was established under water act 2002 through Gazette Notice No.1714 of 12th march 2004 with the mandate of ensuring efficient and economic provision of water and sanitation services in its area of jurisdiction.
The program takes into account lessons learned in the former program and contribute to achievement of the Government of Kenya goals as defined in the poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP), the Economic Recovery Strategy and the Millennium Development Goals (MDG).
This project is tasked to do the following among other many activities:

  • Construction and augmentation of the raw water supply and water treatment works
  • The rehabilitation of the existing water distribution network.
  • Supply of efficient and economical equipment: pumps, water meters.
  • Supply of Non-Revenue Water Reduction management equipment: Leaking detection, pressure management equipment.
  • Expansion of the sewerage network

Developmental Impact of the Project

  • The continuous, reliable and sufficient supply of Kericho’s population with safe drinking water will have a tremendous impact on the standard of living and the health situation of the local residents through considerable reduction of the occurrence of waterborne diseases.
  • The Project will be able to increase the amount of water supply in Kericho town and its environs.
  • The rehabilitation of the old network will reduce the water losses within the network to a great extent. This shall help to guarantee effective and cost-efficient water supply in Kericho.
  • In addition, the creation of local jobs by KEWASCO and by the hiring of local workers through contractors involved in constructing the Kericho Water Supply Project helps to improve the economic status of the county.

Project Title: Short Term Intervention Programme


Funded by ADB, GoK
Consultant: Gibb Africa
Contractor: Nyana Engineering Ltd
Current Status: Construction ongoing.
Project Duration: 12 months
Contract Commencement date 5th June, 2013
Contract Completion date 30th June, 2014
Overall Progress 90% complete

Programme Background:
A program funded through a grant by African Development Fund (ADF) and the Government of Kenya component.
The program is regionally coordinated by Lake Victoria Basin Commission (LVBS) and is implemented by Key Stakeholders of the East African Community (EAC) and for Kericho town; LVSWSB.

Scope of works included:

  • Metering
    • Supply and installation of 667No. bulk meters with lockable chambers.

    Meter Testing Bench

    • Supply and installation of Meter Testing Bench in the workshop
  • Reservoirs and Distribution
  • Float Valves Replacement

    • Supply, install and test new float valves to replace all old float valves at Reservoirs.

    Replacement of Defective sluice Valves.

    • Supply and replace defective sluice valves within the network.
  • Treatment Works
  • Lab

    • Equip laboratory at the treatment plant with physiochemical equipment and bacteriological equipment
    • Supply, install dozers and replace old FRO dozers.

    Mixing tanks

    • Supply sulphate resistant cement mortar and plaster the surface to the internal walls of mixing tanks for soda-ash each measuring1.8m x 2.0m x 1.8m.
    • Supply and fix acid resisting ceramic tiles to the internal surfaces of the 3 mixing tanks.
    • Paint all the external surfaces of the tanks with approved epoxy paint.
    • Supply and install HDPE delivery and pipes for the chemical mixing tanks (20m of OD 25mm including 6 gate valves.
    • Supply and install OD 90mm HDPE overflow pipes for the chemical mixing tanks.
    • Supply install and commission motor driven chemical mixing agitators with stainless steel shafts and mixing blades.

    Flocculation Unit

    • Supply and install aluminum stop gate 300mm x 1000mm to the inlet of flocculation unit.

    Filter Units

    • Replace 0.8m X 1m penstock gates complete with all fittings at the filter units.

    Back wash tank

    • Strip the 150m3 pressed steel back wash tank of all the panels, clean and paint the tank structure with approved zinc paint. Supply and install new steel panels.
    • Clean and paint the 150m3 tank tower structure with approved zinc paint (15m high)
    • Replace the control panel and starter of the clear water pump including all the electrical wiring and other requirements (pump capacity, 120l/s).
    • Repair of Sluice valves at the filtration tanks

Developmental Impact of the Project

  • The main objective of the project is to reduce the NRW level.
  • The metering will aid in the monitoring of water production and consumption in each particular zone. This will ensure continuous, reliable and sufficient and economical water supply to the consumers.
  • The replacement of old defective sluice and float valves will minimize water losses in the system.
  • The project also aimed at ensuring continuous, regular water quality monitoring and control through the equipping of the lab with modern equipments.

Programme Title: LVWATSAN II- Long Term Interventions


Project duration: April 2014 – Sept 2015
Consulting Engineers: Gibbs Africa
Contractor: Stansha Ltd.
Status : Construction ongoing.
Contract Commencement date April, 2014
Contract Completion date 21st Sept. 2015

Programme Background:

A program funded through a grant by African Development Fund (ADF) and the Government of Kenya, GoK.
The program is regionally coordinated by Lake Victoria Basin Commission (LVBS) and is implemented by Key Stakeholders of the East African Community (EAC) and for Kericho town; LVSWSB.

Scope of Work

  1. Replacement of Kericho trunk: 2.4Km
  2. Replacement of Majengo sewers: 0.5Km.
  3. Construction of CBD south Sewer line: 1.6Km.
  4. Rehabilitation of existing waste water treatment plant.
  5. Sewer Rehabilitation works.
  6. Construct and equip a pump house for CBD south sewer line.
  7. Construct and rehabilitate 5No. ablution blocks.
  8. Provision of one exhauster vehicle and one 4WD Vehicle.

Developmental Impact of the Project

  • The programme aims at improving sanitation status of Kericho town through expansion of the sewerage network and the construction of 5No. ablution blocks.
  • More people will be captured with the new sewer lines thus enhancing the living standards of the population and sanitation coverage improvement.
  • Rehabilitation of the existing sewer lines will minimize and greatly reduce cases of sewer blockages and overflows.
  • The rehabilitation and repair of the Waste Water treatment plant will also ensure the design capacity is met.
  • The project will also be able to hire local labour during the construction stages.

Project Title: KEWASCO  WASH-GIS  UFW   Project


Funded By SWAP-BFZ
Contractor WASPA
Current Status 1st Phase Completed

In a bid to address some of the most pressing and critical needs of Water and Sanitation Utilities in the region, Upande Ltd embarked on an Ambitious journey to develop an Easy to Use, Open Source based, Easily Customizable and Affordable  tool that has since acquired the title WaSH GIS (Water, Sanitation and Health GIS). After extensive discussion and scrutiny, KEWASCO (Kericho Water & Sanitation Company) met the criteria and was chosen as the WSP to start the WaSH GIS pilot.
Items Acquired

  • Server capable of handling all the organizational needs
  • Data Loggers to post summaries of readings from master meters at the required interval.
  • Cyble Sensors designed to automatically fit and work in tandem with the bulk, production and master meters
  • A Centralized Asset Registration and Management System
  • Dashboard for easier access and display of data
    • GIS Dashboard
    • Sensors Dashboard
    • Non Revenue Water Reading Comparison Dashboard

Development impact of the project

  • Since the installation of the master meters, the recording of the flow and calculations from total customer meter readings, the Non Revenue Water has been documented to be reducing.
  • The aim of having a centralized system where users can access as well as remotely edit and manage existing layers has been effectively achieved. Users can log in from KEWASCO as well as remotely and be able to view and manipulate as needed depending on the access levels as assigned.

Programme Title: Relocation of Services along the Highway

Funded by: Kenya National Highway Authority (KENHA)
Contractor: Speedway and Chemororan
Status: Ongoing.