Organisation Structure

Management Structure

The Corporate Management Team is headed by the Managing Director who reports to the Board of Directors, implements Strategies, Approved Plans and carries out daily running of the business. The Company's organization structure has Six main Departments. These are Commercial and Finance Services Department, Technical Services Department, Human Resources and Administration Department, Information & Communication Technology Department, Internal Audit Department and Procurement Department.The Six Departmental heads forms the Corporate Management Team (CMT). The Three levels of the Company Structure is as follows:-

  • Shareholders
  • Board of Directors
  • Corporate Management Team

Composition of Board of Directors

KEWASCO has a Board of Directors consisting of Eight (8) members headed by a Non- Executive Chairman. The Directors are responsible for Strategic Direction, Policy making, Co-ordination and Control of Company functions. The composition of the Board is as follows:-

  • Three (3) Members/Professionals from the Executive Arm of the Governor's Office/The County Government of Kericho
  • One (1) Member from the Manufacturing/ Business Community nominated by their Bodies
  • One (1) Member Representing the Resident Organization/Farmers
  • One (1) Member Representing Professionals nominated by that body
  • One (1) Member Representing the Institutions nominated by their body
  • Managing Director Representing the Company
  • CEO LVSWSB or his/her Representatives


Stake Holders/Partners

  1. County Governement of Kericho
  2. Lake Victoria South Water Services Board (LVSWSB)
  3. Government of Kenya, Ministry of Environment, Water and Natural Resources
  4. Water Services Regulatory Board (WASREB)
  5. Development Partners
  6. Other water Service Providers i.e. Members of Water Service Providers Association (WASPA)
  7. Water Appeals Board
  8. Suppliers