• Who is KEWASCO?
  • Kericho Water and Sanitation Company(KEWASCO) is a private Company established under the Company's Act Cap 486, Laws of Kenya and it is wholly owned by the County Government of Kericho. The Company was incorporated in October 1997. It has been contracted by Lake Victoria South Water Services Board to provide Water and Sanitation Services within the County Government of Kericho.Read More>>

  • How can i get new water connection

  • The Customer is required to fill new connection form and with a copy of National ID,a passport.One can get application forms by downloading them in the downloads page or collecting them at any of our officess.

  • How do long would it take to get new connections?
  • it will take us no more than 14 days to finilise new connection.

  • How do i get my monthly bills?
  • KEWASCO issues timely bills to its customers by sending its customers a message of bill balances so make sure you have your number registered with us.Please pay your bills on time to avoid cut-offs.

  • Can a customer be able to read the meter?
  • Yes Kewasco encourage their customers to monitor they meter readings to be able control their consumption and incase of meter problems please report.our staff will at each month come and read the meter so do not make the effors of reading the meter had for us.

  • Are there any charges for reading the meter or servicing a meter?
  • No meter reading and servicing is free of charge

  • consequence of illegal connections and unpaid bills?
  • Customers who does not pay their bills are disconnected and charged a penalty of 500/-. Kewasco imposes a further penalty of 500 for self reconnections. People with illegal bypasses/illegal connections are prosecuted

  • Am I allowed to reconnect my water after a disconnection?
  • According to the Water Act 2002, it is a criminal offence to reconnect your own water.

  • How long does it take to be reconnected after paying the outstanding amount?
  • Kewasco is committed to ensure that you are reconnected within 24 hrs.

  • How safe is KEWASCO water?
  • we assure our customers that is very safe,clean and is treated as per the standards of the World Health Organization and Kenya Bureau of Standards KBS. The Central Water Testing Laboratories, Government Chemist, KBS and the Ministry of Health randomly and independently also sample the water and have certified it fit for human consumption

  • How can i report leaks, sewer burst.
  • We want to urge our customers to report water problems as soon as they occur either by calling or sending a text to 0721777416 or 0734778931 or posting your problem through this site.

  • Where can I pay my water bills?
  • At the moment, you can pay your bills at the KEWASCO offices,M-Pesa no:803600 and Equity Bank countrywide.

  • How will KEWASCO fight corruption among its employees?
  • Customers are asked to report any KEWASCO employee asking for bribes to the management. No payments should be made without formal receipts.