Documents available for Download

  1. Corporate Strategic Plan_2017-2022 : Click here to download
  2. Customer Service Charter 2017/2022(pdf): Click here to download
  3. Customer Water Application Form(pdf): Click here to download
  4. Complain Application Form(pdf): Click here to download
Handling Complaints

How to launch complaints:-

  1. Clients are encouraged to make genuine complaints, suggestions and compliments to the Managing Director through physical address, in person, post, telephone, fax or e-mail.
  2. We therefore commit ourselves to the following complaints handling process:-
  • Operate a Customer Relations Office
  • Maintain a register of complaints
  • Maintain a complaints/suggestion book

We guarantee confidentiality and privacy in respect of complainant's identity and substance of complaint to safeguard the rights of clients. However, we encourage complainants to identify themselves given the practical difficulties of handling anonymous grievances.

Response to Complaints

We will acknowledge receipt and handle genuine complaints within one week (7) days.