Chairman’s Remarks

In 2016, Kericho Water and Sanitation Company, for the very first time was awarded the winner in water category during the annual Champions of Governance Award This award gave impetus to the Board of directors and Management team of KEWASCO who sought to set their horizon further through development of a number of policies. Board of Directors and senior management staff are bound by code of ethics that assures suppliers of due diligence in keeping with the Company’s goal of strengthening its corporate governance. Apart from this Strategic Plan, the Board has approved development of a number of policies such as Anti-corruption policy, service charter, Communication Plan, Pro Poor policy, Whistle blowing policy among many others. In order for the company to provide quality services and create a niche within the country, we are committed to ensuring that all stakeholders receive water regularly, efficiently and that the water they receive is of good quality and quantity as per the provisions of Constitution of Kenya 2010. The Company aspires to be a leading and self-sustaining water and sanitation service provider in Kenya. The mandate of KEWASCO is to provide water and sanitation services in the Company’s areas of jurisdiction. Since the Company is run on commercial principles, staff and management are integrated into a competitive and pro-active team with a common goal. We have kept on adopting and mastering use of GIS applications. In addition, we have embraced use of ICT which has seen us integrate mobile money transfer, mobile meter reading, SMS services and cashless transactions. I am pleased to announce that KEWASCO and TILWASCO merger is the best thing that has happened to the Company. The advantages include economies of scale, commercial viability, and waste minimization and ease of resources mobilization. In preparation of this Strategic Plan, the role and dedication of the management team will not go unnoticed. Much thanks goes to the CMT from the merged water utility for supporting the Consultant to ensure this Strategic Plan was professionally prepared. I look forward with confidence that we are going to walk together to achieve our vision and objectives.
Eng. Kipsuge arap Soi
Chairman, Board of Directors.