Ensuring Proper sanitation

Kericho Water and Sanitation Company has a sewerage treatment facility which takes care of the areas that use sanitation services. The treatment plant is situated at Kericho Town and the waste water is treated using biological means to the standards set by the World Health Organization, such that the water finally released downstream is not harmful.

The sanitation services has greatly been boosted by construction of modern sanitation facilities and Machinery which the company has implemented through funding from water Service Trust Fund.After collection,sewage is conveyed to sewage treatment plant.

We offer connection to sewerage network services as well as maintenance of the existing sewer network.

Waste Water Management

We have well trained staff members who are vigorous and very enthusiastic about their work and who attend to cases of sewer bursts in addition to other sanitation services offered.

We however encourage our customers to make good use of the sewerage network service and avoid depositing solid wastes like nylon papers, soil, ballast, stones among others into the system which causes frequent sewer blocks.