Introduction to KEWASCO

Kericho Water & Sanitation Company Limited (KEWASCO) is a Private Company established under the Company's Act Cap 486, Laws of Kenya and it is wholly owned by the County Government of Kericho. The Company was incorporated in October,1997. It has been contracted by Lake Victoria South Water Services Board(LVSWSB) to Provide Water and Sanitation Services within the County Government of Kericho and its environs. The Company operates under the direction and guidance of Eight (8) Board of Directors who are drawn from a wide spectrum of the Shareholder ( County Government of Kericho) and Stakeholders. This is the Policy making Organ of the Company which operates on Committee basis. The Management is headed by the Managing Director who reports to the Board of Directors.


KEWASCO is responsible for the Efficient and Economical Provision of Water and Sanitation Services within the area under it's the jurisdiction of Kericho County and as an agent of Lake Victoria South Water Services Board(LVSWSB) through a Service Provision Agreement.


To be a Model of Excellence in Water and Sanitation Services Provision.


To Optimally Provide Adequate, Safe and Reliable Water and Sanitation Services to our Customers at a Commercially Sustainable Level.


Values are an Integral part of any Organization's culture, which in turn creates a sense of identity, belonging, direction and purpose. In our Quest for Timely Provision of Quality Services, we shall be guided by the following Core Values as articulated in our Strategic Plan (2013-2017):

  1. Altiora Peto (Seeking Higher Things)
  2. Integrity
  3. Professionalism
  4. Team Spirit
  5. Efficiency
  6. Accountability
  7. Innovativeness
  8. Customer Focused
  1. To ensure an Optimal, Motivated and Productive Workforce
  2. To ensure an Efficient and Effective Water Supply and Sanitation
  3. To ensure the Provision of Quality Water and Sanitation Services at a Cost – Effective Rate to the Satisfaction of the Stakeholders
  4. To enhance Financial Sustainability and Commercial viability. (Business units operating on cost- recovery and pricing principles)
  5. To embrace Information Technology in all areas of Operation